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“Great professionals coming together exchanging ideas and product for networking and business growth”

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DFW Social 40

DFW Social 40
A social mixer for age 30 & over professionals to network while enjoying the latest and greatest smooth jazz & neo soul

About Us

Networking Events

DFW Social 40 was established in 2014 out of passion for giving people an outlet to be in a grown and sexy environment. We provide memorable and enjoyable professional networking atmosphere for individuals who like live music and want an alternative to the club. Through strategic partnerships formed over the years, We've learned to be flexible and accommodate to each guests unique needs and preferences. I hope you’ll let us be part your next unforgettable event. You won’t regret it.

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Social Media Info

Facebook: @DFWSOCIAL40              Instagram: @DFWSOCIAL40

Twitter: @40DFW                                 Email:

DFW Social 40

Contact Info and Upcoming Event 

Event Co-Founder
Rod Jones

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Event Co-founder
Mike Williams

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JUNe 2023 Event FLYER

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Juneteenth-Summer Fest 
Grown Folks 30 & Up
​Outside DJ: DJ Butter
Live Music Inside: Tomea & Nem

Ladies Dress Code: Summertime Casual
Men Dress Code: Summertime Casual
Party Inside & Outside Patio
Saturday June 17th 2023
LOCATION: Sandaga813
813 Exposition Ave
Dallas, Texas 75226
​$5 Parking & Free Side Street
Food: BBQ

$15 Early Bird
$35 Inside Bar Seat & 1 Admission Pass
$125 Inside Table of 4 & 4 Admission Passes
$150 Inside Sofa Lounge Seat 4 & 4 Admission Passes
$160 Outside Wall Lounge Seat 4 & 4 Admission Passes
$180 Covered Picnic Table Seat 6 & 6 Admission Passes

​​Vendor Welcome!! email: for details

​​****Please don't purchase 3rd party tickets/tables without verifying the order # at****

DJ&Venue Info

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Live Music Inside:   Tomea & Nem

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